Recruitment notice for market maker

2021-03-24 10:49:13:0

Dear AEX friends:


Currency trading is the core part of the trading platform. Transaction depth and transaction liquidity are closely related to the user's trading experience. In order to promote the AEX platform's trading depth and transaction liquidity, and enhance the user's trading experience, we formally recruit market makers from the entire network , According to the contribution made by the platform's trading volume, you can enjoy the lowest order handling fee in the industry. The more orders are traded, the more rebates will be.


1. What are the requirements for becoming an AEX market maker?


1.1. Need to hold a position ≥ 1 million GAT, as of the announcement, the value is 164798CNC, and the holding conditions are low~

1.2. The transaction volume is required to be ≥ 500 BTC. If the transaction is not a BTC currency, the transaction volume will be converted to the number of BTC according to the BTC price at the time of the transaction.


2. What are the rights of becoming an AEX market maker?

2.1. Professional rate discount, the rate is as low as -0.03%: (GAT discount is more cost-effective)


2.2. Join the market maker exchange group and get the news on the platform immediately;

2.3. Specialist 1 to 1 service to help you access work faster;

3. How to apply to become an AEX market maker? 

3.1. If you are a user who meets the professional trading conditions, you can contact our specialist to apply for becoming a professional user;

3.2. If you are also a market maker on other platforms, after meeting the GAT requirements of the corresponding holdings, you can become a professional user of AEX by providing a screenshot of the market maker on other platforms and enjoy the transaction fee level of professional users on other platforms +1. For example: your transaction fee rate on other platforms corresponds to our platform level of VIP3, provide corresponding screenshots and meet the GAT requirements of holding positions, and after the commissioner reviews it, you can enjoy VIP4 level transaction fee discounts on our platform.

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Questions you may be concerned about: 

Q: I am a market maker and I have a high transaction volume on other platforms. Can I directly apply for the corresponding professional user level?

A: If you are a market maker on another platform and provide the corresponding proof screenshot to the key account manager, we will set the starting level according to your GAT holdings and the transaction volume of other platforms, and give a 2-month protection period, 2 After the month, the level will be adjusted according to the trading volume of the previous month and the position GAT.

Example: User A is a market maker on other platforms, with an average monthly trading volume of 2000 BTC (corresponding to our platform at VIP4 level), and hopes to apply to become an AEX market maker, and provide corresponding screenshots and holding positions reaching 1 million GAT, we will Set A user to VIP5 professional rate and enjoy a 2-month protection period.

AEX team

Asset Guardian, Ann Bank assisted

March 24, 2021