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Dear Users: 

GAT(Global AEX Token) free airdrop has been launched. In order to adapt to the development of the industry, so that more people enjoy the dividend of explosive growth in the industry. Thank you for the users' supporting. AEX platform decided to launch the GAT free airdrop program on Mar 1.

1. What is GAT

GAT(Global AEX Token) is a global generic integration launched by AEX, and is a blockchain asset issued on the basis of the bitstock BTS (Bitshares) system. The circulation of GAT is over 100 billion. Can be circulated globally, there will be multiple trading platforms as well as BTS internal trading support.

TMC's dividend settlement will be issued through repurchase GAT(previously for buy-back BTC),  which means that 50% of the AEX unilateral transaction fee will be used to buy back GAT from the market. We will also promote the use of GAT in the AEX community, AEX trading platform,  AEX Japan platform and other AEX group's multiple application scenarios. We will also push GAT online to other trading platforms. 

2. The difference between GAT and DOGE


3. The difference between GAT and the other platforms' token


4. The difference between GAT and TMC


5. GAT release rules.

Max supply GAT 100 billion, of which:

A. 6 billion airdrops to NSS users, 50 million GAT will equally distributed to all NSS holders per day. The airdrop will last for 120 days. (The total amount of NSS is 6037287352.23764. And each NSS will got 0.008281865 GAT everyday. For example: if I have 10,000NSS, and I will get 82.81865 GAT a day, last for 120 days.) Airdrop GAT requires you to manually collect it daily, Click here to get GAT. (Note: the NSS has completed its mission after the airdrop is over and the data will be emptied.)

B. 6 billion airdrops to BTC, LTC, ETH, BTS position users, 50 million GAT per day to all BTC, LTC, ETH, BTS user(According to the total market value of the four kinds of coins, for example: You hold 100 million BTC market value, and the total of five kinds of coins is 10 billion BTCs, then I can get one half of the daily airdrop, that is, 500,000 GAT), Airdrop GAT requires you to manually collect it daily. Click here to get GAT.

C. 34 billion for marketing, operational activities, and online to the other trading platform.

D. 49 billion delivery plan to be determined, the subsequent announcement will be announced delivery plan.

E. AEX keeps 5 billion and locked position for 1 year.

6. Application scenario of GAT

A, AEX bills are paid through GAT (Implemented).

B, GAT will be widely used in the upcoming AEX community (coming soon).

C, GAT will be used to purchase AEX's VIP membership service (coming soon).

D, GAT will be able to deduct commission on the platform(coming soon).

E, GAT, as a unit of valuation, supports a variety of popular currency transactions(coming soon).

7. GAT repurchase rules

GAT repurchase once a week and used to pay TMC dividends, to avoid affecting the market volatility, the specific repurchase time will not be made public. However, the amount of repurchase in the previous period will be made public in each issue of the dividend report (if the holiday is postponed).

8. On the adjustment of TMC

TMC's changed from BTC to GAT (Previously to exchange platform transaction fees for BTC to carry out dividends, now change to buy for GAT to pay dividends), That is to say, when holding the GAT, the GAT will be received as a dime, and everything else will remain the same, effective from the opening of the transaction by the GAT.

Issues that you may be concerned about(Q&A):

1. My BTC/LTC/ETH/BTS is not in AEX. Can I take part in the GAT airdrop? 

A: No. You need to recharge the corresponding currency to the AEX account to participate in the GAT airdrop. 

Click here to Deposit.

2. When TGA will exchange on AEX trading platform? 

A: We plan to launch the GAT transaction within a month. 

3. Do you ensure the return on GAT investment? 

A: GAT is the platform free of charge to users of the currency, the platform does not make any guarantee and commitment to the price of GAT, please take part in the premise of self-financing. 

4. If my NSS is not on AEX,how can I get GAT? 

A: NSS in the old platform can not participate in the airdrop, you need to clear through a key back to the AEX to participate in the airdrop. 

Operations: open the old platform-into the personal center-click on the upper right corner of the "one button clear back"-after the transfer of funds to the AEX can participate in the airdrop. 

5. How to verify the transparency of GAT? 

A: GAT is issued through the BTS account global-aex-token, which can be viewed through the BTS Block browser.

6.Why do GAT need to be manually received instead of automatic?

A: manual collection is more suitable for users' interests. We hope that resources will be tilted to more active users. Inactive users can't get or get less. In essence, it is to increase the proportion of active users and protect the interests of active users. Active users have the greatest contribution to the platform, and we hope that active users will be able to get more returns. From another point of view, GAT is a gift to users. The more active users get, the more fair they are. If inactive users get the same treatment, they will be unfair to active users.

Feb 28,2018

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