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Dear Users:


AEX platform has been adhering to the concept of providing users with a more convenient and smooth trading environment. We keep moving forward, and we strive to meet users' trading needs and improve the liquidity of platform transactions. 

AEX launched the more powerful and stable USDT (Tether) on Jan 24, 2018. And the BitUSD MARKETS was cancelled.


The Coins supported by the USDT MARKETS including: BTC/USDT, LTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ETC/USDT, BCC/USDT, BTS/USDT.



1. BitUSD MARKETS suspends Deposit and Withdraw functions.

2. The exchange of all currencies of BitUSD MERKETS.

    (It will last about 3 hours. Depending on the actual situation, may be advanced or delayed.)

3. Prior to the suspension of the service in BitUSD MARKETS, you can revoke the oders, or it will be revoked by the system.

4. The API transaction of BitUSD MARKETS will be suspended.

5. BitUSD assets will be converted to USDT at 1:1 (cut-off rate: 1 BitUSD = 6.5 CNY,1 USDT = 6.99CNY).

6. USDT will open the Deposit and Withdraw functions.

7. After the launch of USDT MARKETS, the API transaction will be opened synchronously.


The execution time: Jan 24, 2018.



1. BTC MARKETS and BitCNY MARKETS are not affected by this change. 

    All the assets of BitUSD MARKETS can still be traded in BTC MARKETS and BitCNY MARKETS.

2. If you do not agree to exchange BitUSD for USDT. 

    You can contact customer service at the "Support" to clear the assets for you.



About USDT


USDT is a token for Tether's stable value of dollar (USD). 1 USDT=1 USD, the user can use USDT at any time for 1:1 exchange with USD. Tether strictly adheres to the 1:1 reserve guarantee, i.e., 1 USD for each issue of USDT. Users can search for funds on the Tether platform to ensure transparency. Users can exchange the usd to the bank account provided by Tether, or exchange it for USDT via exchange. When you redeem the dollar, you can reverse it. Users can exchange BTC for USDT at the exchange.


Official Webside:

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Sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you for your support to AEX! We hope that through our efforts, we can provide you with more convenient filling and trading experience.

Jan 22, 2018