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Dear Users: provided the trading services of the following Virtual Assets:


CanYa (CAN)

Deposit: Already opened

Trading: Jan 12, 2018, at 21:00 P.M.(GTM+8)

Market: BTC Markets

Official Website:

White paper:


CanYa aims to become the top global P2P marketplace of services powered by Blockchain. CanYa gives everybody the freedom to hire local experts and skilled professionals anywhere in the world. CanYa platform will integrate a single, trustless and automated payment system allowing payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Monero. Users will experience the power of cryptocurrencies in their daily work life.Decentralised payments, decentralized governance, decentralized storage . CanYa is built for a decentralised



LuckChain (BASH)

Deposit and Withdraw: Already opened

Trading: Jan 16, 2018

Market: BTC Markets

Official Website:


LuckChain is the first blockchain forecast game platform in world. They verify results by blockchain. No one can cheat .


By the way. The tranding of WIC(WaykiChain) and IGNIS(Ignis) are lists on the BitCNY Markets. Click the link below and tranding.


Tranding WIC(WaykiChain)

Tranding IGNIS(Ignis)


Digital assets are high-risk investment instrument. Users should fully understand the risks and consequences involved in trading these crypto currencies.

Jan 12, 2018