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AEX Creator (Conch / Column) Accounts Application and Publication Specifications

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1. Conch Account/Column Account Application

(1) The user needs to be a registered user of the AEX exchange to submit the Conch Creator application.

(2) Conch Creator Application currently only supports website on PC:

(3) Column applicants need to become Conch creators and publish more than three original articles using Conch accounts before they can be upgraded to column accounts through application. (Except for creators initiatively invited to apply by AEX operators)

(4) Conch accounts/column accounts in different language areas are independent from each other, the same user can only apply for one Conch account/column account, and one Conch account is only allowed to publish content in one language.

(5) How do I apply for a Conch account?

A. Open the official website of AEX on PC:

B. Right side of the homepage - "Conch Creator Center" - "Publish" - "Fill in the application"


2. Content Specifications

(1) Infringing articles shall not be uploaded;

Common types of infringing articles:

A. Articles uploaded by users that infringe upon intellectual property rights, including others' copyrights, and other legitimate rights;

B. Adaptation, translation, annotation and arrangement of other people's works without the consent of the copyright owner may infringe upon the copyright of others;

(2) The article title, introduction and attachments shall not contain any content that does not conform to the article principles;

For example, advertising, pornography, obscenity, personal attacks, private information, violence, politics, religion, endangering society and other types of content that do not conform to the community’s position.

(3) The attachment of the article shall not contain any form of advertisement such as hint of social contact information, promotion, and watermark;

(4) The uploaded content does not belong to the relevant fields of the community; such as Internet novels, compulsory education courses and other irrelevant contents;

(5) If articles with the same or similar content already exist in the article library, it is not allowed to upload them again;

(6) Articles with garbled code or unable to be displayed normally are not allowed to be uploaded;

(7) Other article types that are not allowed to be uploaded:

A. The title, introduction and attachment of the article are not relevant;

B. Multiple uploads of a complete article after meaningless splitting;

C. Only part of the content in the complete article is extracted and uploaded;

3. Format Specifications

(1) Title

This is the required field and the default font is recommended;

Chinese area: up to 30 characters

English area: up to 150 characters

(2) Article Introduction

This is the optional field and the default font is recommended;

Chinese area: up to 50 characters

English area: up to 500 characters

(3) Text

A. This is the required field and the default font is recommended to be used for the main content; the text is up to 60000 characters (both Chinese and English area).

B. The layout can be customized;

(4) Classification

The article section is divided into four classifications: Industry Project, Policy and capital, Analysis of Trend and Advanced Tutorial. Creators should choose according to the actual classification of their own article content;

(5) Tag

Select the appropriate tags according to the substance of the article. Each article can be added up to 3 tags.

(6) Article Cover

A. The pictures must be correspond with the article.

B. The format of upload images supports JPEG, JPG and PNG; the recommended size ratio is 640x420, not exceeding 500KB.

Note: the final interpretation right including but not limited to the above-mentioned Creator Application, Content Specifications and Format Specifications, belongs to the AEX official community; in case of problems with creation of content, such as failure to upload and delay in passing the application, you can contact the online official customer service or community email: For other business cooperation related to community creation of content, please send it to:


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