AEX New Journey: Thanks for All the Supports

2022-06-17 03:54:27

Fellow AEXs,


Thank you for your patience! We feel badly sorry for all the anxieties we arose recently. After weathering the storm of bear markets 3 times in its 9-year experience, AEX now is about to usher in a whole new journey. 9 years ago when the blockchain was barely known by people, AEX was born into this world. Although it was confusing and made mistakes once, it still grew up to as it is now, safe and sound. AEX users to AEX are what parents to their kids. They felt happy, sad or worried about their kid’s growth, but entertained sincerely great hopes, too. Recently, AEX indeed faces some problems. It is you who are patiently waiting and providing supports for its growth as parents will do. To live up to your expectations, it changes a lot.


1: Resuming withdrawal–start with 500U daily per user


We understand how heartbreaking it is to suspend withdrawal. It is like you will not be supported by your child in your old age, which is definitely unacceptable. However, parents will be relieved if their child still tries their best to support them even in his/her hard times and promises to buy big houses for them in the future.


Given the current situation of AEX’s assets, we still have a large amount of medium and long-term assets, but it takes time to transfer them into liquid assets. We will resume the withdrawal step by step on the premise of ensuring the assets’ liquidity of the platform. In the first stage, each user can withdraw 500U daily and it is predicted to resume the withdrawal of all coins in 90 days.


It may be an inconvenience to some users, but it is the best solution for now. We appreciate your understanding!


2: Enjoy the growth dividend– shares of AEX


AEX to have a bright future is a common wish of all of us. And we understand that users sometimes wonder what they will get if AEX succeeds.So we decide to take a bold step. It is on schedule to issue 300 AEX Shareholder Badge NFT, with recipients enjoying such rights as an annual bonus, reports query, and major decision voting. At the same time, we will build inside shareholder groups to monitor and propose AEX’s operating strategy.(The original planned 1000 NFT to be issued is decreased to 300 for the sake of efficient management.)



The system will snapshot the account tier every day from 18 June. If the AEX account is in the following tier, the owner will receive the corresponding point.


Tier Receive
Silver 1 point
Gold 2 points
Platinum 3 points
Black Gold 5 points
Diamond 8 points
Crawn 10 points


The ranking will end on 2022-12-31. 300 users with the most point will receive 1 AEX Shareholder Badge for free. Example: My account is silver on June 18 when snapshotting, so I get 1 point; platinum on June 19, so I get 4 points in two days.

There is no secondary market set for AEX Shareholder Badge, but AEX allows to freely transfer. AEX would not set the NFT value.

These 300 NFTs cover 15% of AEX equity in total.

Users who own NFT can enjoy AEX shareholder rights, including: annual bonus, quarterly report query, decision voting, shareholder monitoring and communication. That means, you can enjoy returns in Spot, Futures, Loan, mining, and other sections.

We don’t prevent users from having multiple badges, but badges to be owned by different users is our original intention, because we hope badges can help gather wisdom of more and different users. You are welcome to join us.


3: A brand new official website launched; wanting writers now

Careful as you are, you must find out that the AEX official web ( was renewed yesterday. The complete news, tutorials and tips have been updated. We mainly perfected the SEO this time, with the hope of more views for the platform. Now the Chinese, English and Vietnam version have been launched. The Russian version is ongoing.

If you want to make your own contributions to the community, you are welcome to join the Conch–our creator centre to become our columnists.


4: The 3rd test completed; Perpetual Futures is coming soon

The Perpetual Futures developed by AEX independently has passed the 3rd test and will meet you soon after 1 year of missing out. Unfortunately, it is not for users from the Chinese Mainland due to the policies. If any of your IP/mobile phone/email addresses/KYC is identified as from the Chinese Mainland, you will be not allowed to use the Perpetual Futures. However, we believe that it will perform well in the global market and show us its surprising profitability.


5: Break through the barriers; AEX marches on the traditional financial industry

The goal we are striving for is to construct a diversified “banking + brokerage + digital assets” system. In order to achieve this goal, AEX takes RobinHood or Charles Schwab as its model. With our Hong Kong No. 1 financial license and New Zealand brokerage license, we are developing exchanging system for Hong Kong and US stocks. It will be not too far away to experience more investment on AEX, as soon as this August and not later than this September.


Last but not least, we sincerely apologize to all.

We deeply recognized the shortcomings we have. And also, we promise that we will do better in risk control in the future. We will learn from every lesson, and re-examine our asset structure. Most users knew about us 9 years ago because of TMC. Committed to the principle of “don’t do evil”, AEX created many innovations and witnessed the development of the blockchain industry. We hope the trust between you and AEX can remain the same after this incident, and continue to create the history of this industry jointly, viewing the integration of the blockchain and the traditional financial industry.


Risk warning

Digital assets are innovative investment products whose prices may fluctuate violently.Users are requested to rationally judge their risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.


AEX Operation Team

The closer you look,the further you see.

June 17, 2022 (UTC)


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