【ASwap】 – Earn $GMT | Grab 1,500%+ Genesis APR

2022-04-08 10:52:44

Fellow AEXs,

For the appreciation of users, ASwap will add Moon pool. Users can participate in the stable pool to deposit hot coins for free(Hot coin, that is, the currencies with high growth or high popularity in the current market).

The NO .1 “Moon Pool” : the income currency is: $GMT, Up to 1,500%+ GMT genesis APR! Details are as follows:


1. Earn $GMT | Grab 1,500%+ Genesis APR 

Opening Time: 4/12 10: 00 — 4/17 10:00 (UTC) 

During the event, users who participate in USDT 90% – USDC 10% liquidity pool can grab 1,500%+ $GMT genesis mining. Please note that APR is changing with TVL.



*If you need to exchange USDC or USDC , please go stable pool to awap  or trade USDT /USDC

* AEX helps appreciate your assets steadily. This liquidity pool will continue to earn passive income and the income currency will automatically convert into USDT after the end of GMT genesis mining.

In the future, if there are other hot coins, AEX will inform the new income currency and their est. APR in announcements. Users can follow the official announcement and know about their income situation. Details are as follows:


2.Earn $ USDT – Enjoy freedom of access

Opening Time: 4/17 10:01 (UTC) 

Rules: When Moon Pool activity ends, the earnings token will convert into USDT. Instant subscription and redemption. No lock-up.

Participate in deposit for Earnings:


3.Share and win 10,000 USDT

Join in AEX Official Telegram during the event and fill in the form to share 10,000 USDT. Quantity limited. First come first served!

More DetailsJOIN the Telegram 


4.Know about

*What is Moon Pool?

It is a smart liquidity pool for novice yield farming, that is, deposit stablecoin to earn freely. There are two yield models in the pool:

Genesis Period: The earnings token is “Hot Coin” during the time – ASwap provides coins with high growth and high popularity.

Stable Period: The earnings token is USDT during the time – After the end of the genesis period, the yield will be converted into USDT. Users can continue to earn and free access.


*ASwap Guide:

Earning Process:

Step 1: Ensure that you have enough USDT and USDC in your AEX asset account before swapping. The deposit proportion is 90% : 10%.

Step 2: Log in to AEX, click “ASwap” – “List of Liquidity Pools” – “Moon Pool” (If you need to exchange USDC or USDC , please go stable pool to awap  or trade USDT /USDC).

Step 3: “Add Liquidity(Deposit)”, click “Deposit”, and then enter the quantity.

Finish the above step to swap your earnings.


*About GMT Token

GMT( Green Metaverse Token is STEPN’s governance token. STEPN is a chain game of NFT GameFi. It pioneers the concept of earning when running, with players earning tokens and NFT rewards when they use NFT Sneaker to walk, jog, or scuttle. Recently, the team plans to repurchase and destroy GMT with SOL profits in Q1, which directly raises GMT’s market cap to 1,37 billion dollars, with a historical return reaching 22691%.


Risk warning:

Cryptocurrencies are innovative investments that prices may fluctuate violently. Users are requested to rationally judge their own risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.


AEX operation Team

April 8, 2022(UTC)

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