AEX lists GLMR(Moonbeam), Share $30,000 bonus in GAT!

2022-01-11 13:57:51

Dear AEX my friends:


AEX will list GLMR/USDT spot trading pairs at 14:30 (UTC) on January 11, 2022, and hold welfare activities at the same time. Details are as follows.


· Deposit: Opened Click to deposit>>

· Trading Pairs Direct: GLMR/USDT

· Tag: Polkadot

GLMR (Moonbeam) Website: Moonbeam

Read about GLMR (Moonbeam) in here.



Event time: 2022/1/11 14:30 – 1/14 14:30  (UTC)

Ⅰ.$5,000 in GAT tokens for new users who trade GLMR!

Click here and participate in the event

Users who register an AEX account during the campaign period complete the questionnaire and trade GLMR/USDT will share equally in the bonus pool of $5,000 in GAT tokens, Users can get up to $10 GAT.


Ⅱ.GLMR trading campaign – win $25,000 GAT bonus pool!

During the campaign period, trading GLMR/USDT, users will be ranked according to their cumulative GLMR active trading volume (buy + sell), and the top 500 users will split a $25,000 in GAT token bonus pool.




$1,000 in GAT token


$600 in GAT token


$400 in GAT token


$23,000 in GAT token based on volume, up to $400 in GAT token per person



1.The activity rewards will be issued within 15 working days after the end of the activity.

2.Fake accounts, self-buying and selling or other cheating and fraudulent behavior are prohibited and will be disqualified upon verification.

3.Professional rate users have enjoyed the rate discount, can enjoy the recharge type rewards, not enjoy the activity trading type rewards, apply for professional users / market makers>>

4.About AEX : Invitation Rebates| Newbie Benefits| Professional Rates



Risk warning

Digital assets are innovative investment products whose prices may fluctuate violently.Users are requested to rationally judge their risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.


AEX Operation Team

Jan 11, 2022 (UTC)


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