Announcement on the recent activities reward release

2022-01-10 01:16:11

Fellow AEXs,


About the recent activities rewards are basically issued, the following is the link to the announcement of the awarding activities.


Shib Adds DeFi Pool, Up to 8% APR, Flash sale,100000 SHIB to give away! >>

SPELL Adds DeFi Pool, Up to 13% APR! Join in financing to get 150,000 SHIB >>

GF Adds Fixed Saving, Up to 130% APR Join in financing to get 6USDT >>

UST Adds DeFi Pool, Up to 10.5% APR, Participate in Earn, surprised gift packs to give away >>


All the above rewards have been issued to the account of the winning users, Web/PC users can check in the upper right corner – [Asset Management] – [Financial Records], APP users can check in the upper left corner of the personal avatar – [Financial Records].


If you have any questions, please contact online customer service for feedback.

There are more welfare activities to follow, please pay more attention to our announcement.


Risk Warning.

Digital assets are innovative investment products whose prices may fluctuate violently.Users are requested to rationally judge their risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.


AEX Operation Team

January 10, 2021 (UTC)


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