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2021-12-23 09:03:59

Fellow AEXs,


AEX Wish you Merry Christmas !If you participated in the following two Spot Trade and ASwap deposit MEME tokens. You can enjoy Third rewards. and win a $10,000 Christmas wishing gift! Open and fill >>


Activity time: 2021.12.23 9:00  –  2022.1.3 9:00 (UTC)




*First reward for Spot Trading:


Spot trading of MEME Tokens at 18% APR based on trading volume





*Second reward for the ASwap Deposit :


ASwap MEME Liquidity Pools , Enjoy 10.65% APR!


Deposit in ASwap and enjoy 10.56% APR mining revenue :


*Fill in and get rewards>>

*Participate in mining>>

* Mining tutorial >>


*Third reward for airdrop :


Make a Christmas wish and win a blind box airdrop of $10,000 MEME tokens

If you participated in the following two :  Spot Trade  and  ASwap Deposit you can get the qualifications for a Christmas wish and make the MEME tokens you expect to receive.   We will draw 2022 lucky users to share a blind box airdrop worth $10000 Christmas NAME tokens. Open and fill >>


More :

1.The formula for calculating the earnings of Spot trading activities = min{trading volume x 18% ÷ 365 x 12,reward cap}

The reward cap is as follows:

– Users who register during the campaign period can earn up to: 30,000 SHIB, 50 DOGE, 4.8 billion KISHU, 250 SAMO, 70 PEOPLE, 2,000 DOGGY

– Users who register before the event starts can earn up to: 10,000 SHIB, 20 DOGE, 1.6 billion KISHU, 90 SAMO, 20 PEOPLE, 800 DOGGY

– Professional Users (VIP1-7) are not eligible to participate in this spot trading event as they already enjoy a very favourable trading rate

Please note that Spot trading activities prize claimants are required to complete KYC before the end of the event, otherwise they are deemed to have forfeited their eligibility for the prize.Due to local compliance policies, this event is not open to users registered in Mainland China, Iran, North Korea, the United States of America, Sudan, Japan, Cuba, Hong Kong (China), Venezuela, Canada, and Singapore.

2.Fraudulent accounts and cheating are prohibited and will be disqualified upon verification.

3.The rewards will be distributed within 15 working days after the end of the campaign.

4.The AEX platform reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.


Risk warning:

Cryptocurrencies are innovative investments that prices may fluctuate violently. Users are requested to rationally judge their own risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.


AEX Operation Team

Dec 23, 2021 (UTC)

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